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Vape Business Ireland respond to HIQA public consultation on smoking cessation interventions HTA

Vaping business alliance welcome the draft HTA report but call on HIQA and Department of Health to clarify what research they believe is required and to undertake that research, in order to provide essential information to those using vaping products as an alternative to smoking. HIQA HTA consultation closed on 3 February 2017. In their consultation response VBI, which was set up to foster an open and informative debate about vaping products in Ireland, note that the UK’s quit smoking services provide consumers with information and support on using vaping products as an alternative to smoking.  Spokesperson for VBI, Keith Flynn commented “The Department of Health’s own research, Healthy Ireland Survey 2016, found that of those who successfully quit smoking, 32% use vaping to do so.  However, neither the HSE or Department of Health provide consumers with information or support on vaping products which is ludicrous given the results of their own research.  Ireland has a target of less than 5% smoking prevalence rate by 2025 yet we don’t provide adults with the information they require”.   Keith concluded “We hope HIQA and more urgently the Department of Health and the HSE will take a serious look at undertaking research in Ireland and provide for it in our health and Quit.ie services in order to provide consumers with the facts”.   For Further Comment:   VBI Spokesperson Keith Flynn: Mobile +353 87 2401883 Phone: +353 (0) 14504642   Notes to the Editor:   VBI is encouraged by the findings of the Draft Report from which we draw the following conclusions and observations:   1. The Draft Report recognises the role...