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Vape Business Ireland (VBI) has welcomed the new report from the Tobacco Free Ireland which outlines the HSE’s plans to continue to try to understand and determine policy on the role of vaping as a tool for the “tobacco endgame” in Ireland. The report shows that vaping is the second most important tool for those looking to quit smoking at 27%, second only after willpower alone. The report also shows a rate of 0% of e-cigarette use among never-smokers.

VBI is again calling on the HSE and Quit.ie to provide information about vaping on their website to smokers who wish to reduce their tobacco consumption. VBI director Michael Kenneally said “VBI is delighted that the HSE is ready to understand and determine the opportunity that vaping might have towards the tobacco endgame. We hope that by engaging with all stakeholders, including manufacturers of vaping products that this is the start of a positive conversation around vaping in Ireland.”