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Vaping will be included in the upcoming Stoptober campaign in England for the first time, after e-cigarettes proved to be the most popular option for smokers looking for an alternative to tobacco during tool in last year’s campaign.  In light of this important decision, Vape Business Ireland (VBI) is again encouraging the HSE to provide Irish consumers with factual information on vaping on their Quit.ie website. Currently Quit.ie does not provide any information on vaping products such as how to use them, descriptions of the different products and links to research.


VBI spokesperson Michael Kenneally said: “We are not looking for a commercial endorsement here. The fact is that there are around 150,000 people using vaping products in Ireland and 99% of them are ex-smokers. There needs to be information about vaping made available for more people who want an alternative to smoking.”


A report into smoking cessation released by the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) earlier this year acknowledged that 29% of adult Irish smokers who successfully quit smoking used vaping to do so, falling to 18% for nicotine replacement therapies such as gums and patches. Considering these statistics, VBI is encouraging the HSE to follow in the UK’s footsteps and ensure that all Irish smokers have information made available to them on all viable alternatives to smoking, including vaping.