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Vape Business Ireland today welcome a ground-breaking study in the UK that shows that shows no evidence that vaping products are leading young people into smoking.

The study was carried out by the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies, Public Health England, Action on Smoking and Health and the DECIPHer Centre at the University of Cardiff. They carried out five large-scale surveys between 2015 and 2017, involving over 60,000 11-16 yar-olds.

‘Young People’s Use of E-Cigarettes across the United Kingdom’ found that regular use of vaping products amongst all young people was 3% or less. Among young people who smoke regularly, use of vaping products ranged from 7% – 38%. Among those who have never smoked, regular use of vaping products was negligible – between 0.1% – 0.5%.

Martin Dockrell, Tobacco Policy Manager, Public Health England commented: “The findings in this study suggest that in terms of protecting children we are broadly getting the balance right in the UK.  We have a regulatory system that aims to protect children and young people while ensuring adult smokers have access to safer nicotine products that can help them stop smoking. This includes a minimum age of sale, tight restrictions on marketing, and comprehensive quality and safety requirements. We will continue to monitor the trends in e-cigarette use alongside those in smoking.”

VBI are calling on the Department of Health to take heed of the research being done in the UK, and the results that they are providing. VBI would like to see similar studies carried out in Ireland, to provide a greater understanding of how vaping can contribute to the Government’s goal of a tobacco-free Ireland by 2025.

The report can be read here, while information fromAction on Smoking and Health UK can be found here.