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We favour effective, evidence-based and balanced regulation by the Government of vaping products. The manufacture, supply, distribution and sale of vaping products must be regulated in a responsible manner while upholding the principles of consumer choice for adults

Vaping products are not cigarettes

Vaping products do not contain tobacco

Vaping products are for adults, not minors

Vaping products are an alternative to smoking

Regulation should remain fit for purpose

Vaping products are a reality in Ireland

Latest Updates

Vape Business Ireland Welcome HSE’s “Bold Vision Demanding a Game Change” for a Tobacco Free Ireland

Vape Business Ireland (VBI) has welcomed the new report from the Tobacco Free Ireland which outlines the HSE’s plans to continue to try to understand and determine policy on the role of vaping as a tool for the “tobacco endgame” in Ireland. The report shows that vaping is the second most important tool for those looking to quit smoking at 27%, second only after willpower alone. The report also shows a rate of 0% of e-cigarette use among never-smokers. VBI is again calling on the HSE and to provide information about vaping on their website to smokers who wish to reduce their tobacco consumption. VBI director Michael Kenneally said “VBI is delighted that the HSE is ready to understand and determine the opportunity that vaping might have towards the tobacco endgame. We hope that by engaging with all stakeholders, including manufacturers of vaping products that this is the start of a positive conversation around vaping in... read more

#VApril: Ireland Bottom of the Class When it Comes to Vaping Policy

In direct contrast to their counterparts across the globe, the HSE and other public health campaigners in Ireland do not endorse vaping or provide any information on vaping products to Irish smokers who want to quit. Stop Smoking New Zealand, The American Cancer Society Public Health England, Cancer Research UK and many others have endorsed vaping as a viable alternative to smoking. Supported by information from their State, millions of smokers have embraced vaping as a viable alternative to smoking across the globe, but not here in Ireland. The Government has an ambitious plan for a Tobacco Free Ireland by 2025. The target is to have only 5% smoking prevalence in Ireland but there are currently 830,000 (18%) Irish smokers, despite efforts made by the Department of Health in this regard. Vaping has the potential to play its part in moving that remaining 13%. If the Department of Health doesn’t endorse vaping – as has been done by so many of their international counterparts – Tobacco Free Ireland will not be realised by 2025. VBI spokesperson Alan Buckley said “Irish smokers have been very misinformed on vaping in the past and this has a lot to do with the fact that no information is being made available to them by the State. The Department of Health Healthy Ireland Survey showed that 37% of Irish smokers who quit in 2017 did so through the use of vaping products, this is up from 32% in 2016. If you compare this to the 18% who used NRTs to do the same, the evidence that vaping works is clear. Ireland is so far... read more

Hospitals should start selling vaping products – new recommendation from Public Health England

Hospitals should start selling vaping products – new recommendation from Public Health England Vape Business Ireland (VBI) has welcomed a new review from Public Health England (PHE) published today which is recommending that health bodies and the NHS in the UK make vaping products available in hospital shops, alongside other nicotine replacement therapies. The review has determined that vaping products could be contributing to at least 20,000 successful cases of quitting smoking per year in the UK. According to Healthy Ireland, smoking rates have only declined by 1% in the last two years. VBI is stressing that the Department of Health’s Tobacco Free Ireland plan will never be reached unless vaping is endorsed by Health Authorities. VBI Director Michael Kenneally said “Yet again through evidence based research it has been found that vaping is an effective and better alternative to smoking. This research, along with many others published by organisations like Cancer Research UK, Royal College of Physicians and ASH UK, again highlights the lack of action by the HSE. needs to provide information on vaping products to Irish smokers who want to take steps to quit smoking. VBI continue to call on the Department of Health and HSE to provide Irish adults looking for an alternative to smoking with factual and clear information on all nicotine replacement therapies.” For further information: Telephone: 01 234 2423 / 087 943 3517 E-mail:   Notes to the Editor: The research shows that smokers who switch completely from smoking to vaping experience substantial health benefits. The review also found evidence that despite previous reports, vaping products do not encourage youth smokers and youth smoking rates are actually in decline.The review has found that the use... read more